3 Items You Should Never Put Down Your Drains

Septic systems are meant to eliminate waste from your home. As much as you might not think about them, they do require a certain amount of care to ensure they stay working for quite some time. Waiting until the issue arises could end up causing you more problems and out of pocket expenses than if you had been proactive and prevented the issue from happening in the first place. To keep your system working for as long as possible, avoid putting these items down your drain at all costs.


Many people brush their hair and throw the excess from their hairbrush down the toilet. While you might not think this is that big of a deal, it is actually more detrimental than you might think. That hair is going to end up forming into a large wad somewhere along the drain lines. When that happens, it starts to clog the lines and prevents anything from being able to pass through like it should. As a result, you are stuck having to pay someone to come out and dig out the clog to get your pipes back in working order.


Just because diapers might have human waste in them doesn't mean they should be thrown down the toilet. Sure, you could dump the waste from the diaper into the toilet, but you should never throw the entire diaper in there and flush it down. Your drain isn't meant to be able to handle that large of an item. Diapers are best left to the garbage where they belong. The same goes for the baby wipes that you use on your little one. They are not biodegradable.

Kitty Litter

The same applies here. Sure, there is going to be some clumps of waste in the litter, but that doesn't mean you can dump it all down the toilet. All of that kitty litter will end up tearing the lines up on its way down. It sits in the bottom of the tank and wreaks havoc. It has a number of different chemicals in it to help the litter clump and prevent it from smelling. Those chemicals can destroy the tank and kill the good bacteria off.

It is important that you remember that your septic system is only meant to handle human waste and toilet paper. Anything else needs to be disposed of in a different manner that is better for your septic system. If you've started to notice any problems with your septic system, contact a service like SOS Septic Inc right away.

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