3 Things That Will Destroy Your Septic System

Your septic system works to flush all of the waste from your home. You depend on it to move water from the toilets, sink, showers and more. If your septic system stops working properly, you end up with a major mess inside of your home. This is the last thing anyone wants to deal with. To make sure your system stays in peak operating condition, avoid putting one of the following things down your drains.


Diapers are simply not meant to be thrown down the toilet. Just because there is human waste in them and that is meant for the toilet, that doesn't mean the entire diaper should be thrown down there. It will end up getting stuck in the pipes and clogging your system. As other water and particles try to make their way down to your tank, they will get held up by the diaper. Have a separate pail for diapers to go into and refrain from trying to flush them.


While you might not think hair is that big of a deal, it can cause a whole host of problems for your septic system. The hair will end up getting tangled in the pipes and create a web of sorts where everything else will get stuck in it. Before you know it, you have this massive wad of hair and junk backing up your system.


Harsh cleaning chemicals shouldn't be dumped into your system. All of those harsh chemicals end up killing the good bacteria in your tank off, making it harder for your tank to do its job and break everything down. You are better off using a natural cleaner around your home. If you do have to use any chemicals, you should only use them in small amounts. The chemicals could end up leaking out of your tank and into your drinking water, thus contaminating your whole system.

By not putting one of the above things down your system, you can help keep the water moving through the pipes freely. This will save you costly repairs and possible septic replacement. Depending on the severity of the damage, you might be left with no other option than to have your system replaced. The best way to determine what it is that you are dealing with is by talking with a licensed septic system specialist, such as Garrison Septic Service Inc, today. They can answer your questions and help point you in the right direction.

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