Two Tips For Caring For Your Home's Septic System

A functioning septic system is one of the most essential components of your home's plumbing system, but it is an unfortunate fact that these systems can often experience major problems. When a septic system is malfunctioning, it can create unsanitary conditions on your property in addition to causing extensive damages. To avoid these complications, homeowners needs to make sure they are properly caring for their septic systems, but this can be difficult for new homeowners because they may not understand the factors that influence septic system performance. By knowing the answers to two routine questions, you can help ensure that your home's septic system stays in the best condition possible.

Can Leaking Faucets Harm The Septic System?

Leaking faucets can put a tremendous amount of strain on your home's plumbing system. In addition to causing your monthly water bills to be far higher than necessary, this problem can also cause complications for your septic system. When there is a constant stream of water flowing into the septic system, it can cause it to become overloaded. This can lead to backups, uncontrolled erosion in the drainfield and numerous other problems. Making it a point to have any leaking plumbing fixtures repaired as soon as possible can help you to avoid these common sources of strain for septic systems.

Is It Okay To Pour Grease Down The Drains If You Have A Septic Tank?

When you are cooking, there is likely to be grease that you need to throw away. Unfortunately, many homeowners will make the potentially serious error of pouring this grease down the drain. This might seem like a harmless way of disposing of grease, but it can cause numerous complications for your septic system. These systems rely on bacteria to break down the organic matter in the tank, but the grease can cause a sudden population boom of these bacteria, which can then lead to a large die off. Additionally, the grease may not fully decompose in the tank, which can make it more likely to clog the pipes on your drainfield.

A septic system can be a critical part of your home's plumbing, but it can be difficult for new homeowners to understand the various steps involved with caring for these complex devices. Errors with caring for a septic system can contribute to a host of problems for homeowners, but you can avoid many of these issues by using these tips. Ensuring that you repair any leaky faucets and avoid pouring grease down the drains will help your system to avoid some of the more common issues that can arise.

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