Keeping A Portable Toilet Unit From Omitting Odor During A Party

If you intend on renting a portable toilet to use on your property for a large outdoor party event, you are bound to have some concerns about its condition as the hours pass. A portable toilet unit can become odorous if it is utilized in excess without taking proper precautionary steps in maintaining it during your event. Here are some tips you can use to ensure the portable toilet unit you rent is kept in the best possible shape, minimizing the risk of odor during your party as a result.

Place The Unit Properly To Reduce Odor Chances

It is a good idea to have your portable toilet unit placed in an area of your property where direct sunlight is not present. If the unit is placed in the sun, the interior will heat up rather quickly leading to the exacerbation of scents from inside. Place the unit in an area away from the crowd to minimize the disturbance of unfavorable odors if they do become present. A shaded area within view of the party-goers is desirable.

Provide Scented Helpers Within The Portable Toilet Unit

To help keep odor under wraps and to minimize any embarrassment a guest would have after using the unit themselves, provide a few scented agents inside the unit for their usage. An air freshener can be used to swiftly eliminate odor before someone else goes inside of the unit. A basket of scented potpourri can be placed on the sink area in the unit to freshen the interior even more. Consider using a basket of fresh flowers to brighten the area in addition to giving it a fresh scent as well.

Upgrade The Portable Toilet Unit's Amenities To Eliminate Odor Completely

If you fear a smaller unit will emit scents that will be deemed unfavorable during a large event, it may be beneficial to upgrade to a unit with a flushing toilet inside. This will ensure waste is not in view of guests and will keep it from emitting odor as it will be safely contained in a holding area in the back or bottom of the unit. If your event is one of large proportions, having more than one unit on-site would ensure the toilets are not being overused. This will also keep odor at a lower level. Consider renting a larger restroom with running sinks, mirrors, and a seating area if you are hosting a wedding or corporate function. These are deemed as luxury facilities and will give your event a professional aura.

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