Think Your Septic Tank Is Leaking? Look For These 3 Things

A home septic tank will utilize two primary components for processing waste, which are the septic tank itself and its drain field. When you have an older septic tank, it can develop a problem where it starts failing by leaking waste out of the tank or between the chambers within it. These are the trouble signs that you want to look for to identify a problem that requires repair.

1. Solid Waste Backing Up Into The Home

A septic tank can easily back up into a home if there's not the proper combination of bacteria and affluent that breaks down solid waste. A septic tank backup is typically caused by a problem with this combination.

Start by ruling out the possibility that you caused the backup. Have you recently introduced a lot of water to the system, through taking long showers or doing a lot of laundry? If so, a backup may have been caused by having too much water and not enough bacteria. If you have not introduced a lot of water to the system, there could be damage to the tank that needs to be repaired.

2. Plant Growth Near The Tank

It is possible that moisture is finding a way out from the tank, either through cracks or a drainage line that is damaged. You may notice a problem due to plants that are growing in the area where water is leaking out from the septic tank.

You can confirm your suspicions by taking a close look at the area. Is there an odor? Is the ground saturated? If so, then you know the problem is directly related to the septic tank. You'll need a professional to come to your home to inspect and repair the problem for you.

3. Drain Field Issues

Cracks in a septic tank can cause issues with the tank's drain field being overly saturated from solid waste leaving the tank. If solid waste is capable of getting out, then other debris is cable of getting in. This not only includes dirt, but water from the rain during a very heavy rainfall. This is another problem you'll have trouble fixing on your own, so get professional help to take care of it.

It's important that you take care of septic tank problems at the first sign of trouble. If not, you could end up with a plumbing system that you cannot use, causing you to be unable to shower or wash items in your home. For more information, contact your local septic tank repair services.

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