Why You Should Rent Portable Bathrooms For Your Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are glamorous and fun. You want your wedding venue to be both exciting and comfortable for your guests. Adding a portable bathroom (or as many as you need for the number of guests you have) can help your wedding and reception go off without a hitch. Here are reasons to rent a portable bathroom for your outdoor wedding venue.

Guest convenience

When you host your wedding outside, you have to either provide an indoor area where guests can relieve themselves or have your venue be in an area that is close to public rest areas. Renting a portable bathroom allows you to host your wedding wherever you wish without compromising guest comfort.

Talk to your portable restroom specialist about the number of guests you have at your wedding along with how many actual bathrooms are available near your venue. This will help you decide how many units you need.

Peace of mind

When you rent a portable toilet for your wedding venue, you don't have to worry about stocking the stalls with toilet paper, supplying hand sanitizing agents or even worrying about a hand-washing station, since these can be rented as well. Furthermore, you don't have to keep the rest areas clean; the company you rent the units from does this for you.

You choose when you want the restrooms rented and they will be placed near your wedding venue in a convenient and isolated area (so as not to interfere with your ceremony but still be in close access for your guests). When your event is over, the company you rent your bathroom units from will remove them.


Having to rent an indoor space just for restroom facilities or being forced to change your outdoor venue due to lack of public restrooms can cost you money and ruin your wedding plans. Rather than go out of your way to accommodate the most basic human need, rent portable bathrooms instead. You can rent as many units as you need, including handicapped accessible stalls, and save money overall on your wedding venue budget.

Many people rent portable toilets and other related accessories for their venues to make their large events more accommodating to their guests. As you plan your outdoor wedding, keep restroom access in mind. Your portable toilet rental specialist will ensure you have the right number of stalls to keep lines short and guests happy; call a specialist about your portable bathroom rental needs today.

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