Three Ways To Make Portable Toilets At Your Event More Inviting

Portable restrooms are essential for many outdoor functions and events, but they don't have to be drab and dirty places. There are some things you can do to maintain a clean and inviting environment inside each one. Here are a few options to consider as you make final preparations for your outdoor activities.

Hire A Temporary Cleaner

Cleaning portable toilets can be an easy job as long as you have staff to keep up with the demand. Consider hiring a temporary worker to handle basic maintenance for the portable toilets on the day of your event. You can have him or her use a simple disposable wet mop pad system to quickly wipe down the floors inside each portable toilet, and the cleaning the toilet seat and surrounding areas can be quickly accomplished with disposable paper towels and a disinfectant cleaner. Supply your temporary worker with a cleaning supply cart loaded with essentials, and station this person near the row of portable toilets so he or she can do a fast cleanup when each stall is unoccupied.

Add Toiletry Baskets

You don't have to sacrifice on a bit of luxury when you rent portable toilets for your event. Invest in decorative baskets that fit on the shelves inside the portable toilets. These baskets can be stocked with sanitary napkins, individually packaged personal wipes, mini hand sanitizer bottles, and other related essentials. If your event is family-friendly, consider including a few diapers in different sizes and baby wipes to keep parents happy. Print small signs announcing these items are gratis, and be sure to stock them on the previously mentioned supply cart so the baskets can be refilled as needed.

Invest In Heavy-Duty Air Freshener

One concern your guests may have about using a portable toilet is potentially unpleasant odors. Fortunately, there are a range of air fresheners and odor-absorbing agents you can use to keep the toilet stalls smelling fresh and clean. Don't rely on a traditional bathroom air freshener, as it may not be powerful enough for all-day use. Products designed for use in portable toilets include packets and liquids that go directly into the bowl, fighting odors at the source. You can also use deodorizing screens or cakes in portable toilets equipped with urinals. Your portable restroom rental company may even provide some of these products to you as part of your contract, so be sure to ask about odor-neutralizers and air fresheners before you sign your rental agreement.

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