When Your Waste Plumbing Is In Trouble: Septic Services To The Rescue!

Residential septic services are not just for septic tanks. There are a number of services available to people who receive city water and are in need of septic services. Here are some of the services that are commonly requested by homeowners who receive city water and are having waste plumbing problems. 

Damaged Pipeline from the House to the Street

This is the most common issue for homeowners. Something creates a problem with the septic pipe that travels from underneath your home to the city sewer, and then you have all kinds of issues with the sewage backing up into your home or just not getting through. To find the problem, you would hire a septic contractor to excavate the sewer pipe under your yard to the street and examine it more closely. 

Possible issues and damage to the pipe include:

  • Tree roots bending, cutting into, or breaking this pipeline
  • Slips and dips in the pipeline causing a disconnect and sewage to enter the ground and the groundwater
  • Outright holes in the pipe because it is so old it has just rusted away
  • Deterioration of the pipe to the point where it is no longer a pipe at all

The septic contractor can fix this by replacing the pipe completely, cutting away roots and trees or bushes that are causing the problems, leveling the ground underneath the pipe to prevent dips and slips, etc.. Then your pipe is restored. 

Similar Application for Septic Tank Lines

Not surprisingly, the same thing can happen to the main pipeline that travels from your house to a septic tank. The same procedures for repair and replacement occur. Excavation of your yard is almost a must, except that with most septic systems, the main pipeline from the house travels into the backyard rather than down to the street. 

Recognizing Possible Future Issues and Removing Them

A septic contractor can also spot other things in your yard that may present a problem in the future with your waste plumbing lines. If you planted trees too close to where the line is buried, or if you have a large tree that is definitely only going to grow larger, then those might be things you want to remove or just pick up and move to a different location in the yard. Dips, hills, or rolls in the yard can create problems for pipes later, too. Your septic contractor can make suggestions on how to prevent future problems now.

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