Don't Send Any Of These Items Down The Kitchen Drain Or You'll Soon Need An Appointment With A Plumber

As a homeowner, it's your responsibility to keep your house in good condition, and that includes your plumbing system. While a regular checkup from a professional plumber can help extend the lifespan of your plumbing, it's what you're putting down the kitchen drain in between those appointments that can have the biggest impact on the state of your pipes. Here are just some of the different items that you should never put down your kitchen drain if you want to keep your plumbing system running smoothly.

Dump Your Coffee Grounds in the Trash, Not Down the Sink

At first glance, what's left of your coffee grounds after you are done making the morning joe might not seem dangerous to your pipes. Coffee grounds are supposed to dissolve in water, right? The problem is that what's left of the grounds can actually form a sticky, cake-like substance that will coat the inside of your pipes as it goes down the drain. As the coffee grounds attach themselves to the sides of the drain, it will then also become easier for other bits of food to attach themselves to the coffee grounds, and then you'll be working your way towards a clog.

Leftover Cooking Oil or Grease

If you like to cook up a storm in your kitchen, you are likely working with various types of cooking oil while preparing your meals, and then some of your pots and pans might end up being lined with grease after dinner is ready to be served. While it can be super easy to just quickly dump the grease or oil into the sink with a quick rinse, this is one of the worst possible things you can do for your drain. Grease and oil will stick to the sides of the pipes just like those coffee grounds, and you'll once again be in trouble as more and more bits of food slowly start to get stuck. For best results, dump your grease into the trash and then take it out to the garbage bin at the end of the night.

Those Stickers on Fruits and Veggies

Just about everyone takes their raw fruits and veggies from the store over to the sink to rinse them off before they start to eat or add them to the pot or pan to start cooking dinner. Lots of these items, including apples for example, often have a peel-off sticker that is placed there either by the farm or grower of the food or by the grocery store it was bought from. It might seem super easy to just flick the sticker off and let it fall into the drain, but the adhesive that stuck to that apple will also stick to the sides of your pipes.

Contact a professional drain cleaning company if your kitchen drain has slowed or come to a halt

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