Recommendations About Your Upcoming Title 5 Inspection

A well-working septic system is an essential part of a home, and when you buy, sell, or transfer your property, you will need to make sure the septic system is working properly with a Title 5 Inspection. Here are some recommendations for you to understand about a septic tank inspection on your property.

Know When You Need an Inspection

Many homes have a septic system, but if you are transferring ownership of your home that has a septic system installed on the property, you will need to arrange for a Title 5 inspection. This inspection will take place before you can sell your home to a new owner, buy the home from a previous owner, or even take ownership of a property in an inheritance or other type of ownership transfer to yourself. This inspection is important because it will thoroughly check the septic system and its components to make sure it is working well and has been maintained for great quality and condition. 

During the inspection, you may need to provide details of any tank pumping or maintenance over the last few years, depending on the requirements of the inspector. They will definitely need to check the septic system and all its components. They may also evaluate the drainage and the water table level of your property's soil to establish the system has been running well.

Hire the Right Professionals

When it is time to arrange for a Title 5 inspection on a property, the type of inspector that you hire can make all the difference in your experience and the outcome. An inspector needs to be certified with the state as a Title 5 inspector in order for your property to pass off correctly for its ownership transfer to take place. The inspector needs to be knowledgeable in addition so they can spot problems and complete the inspection as it needs to be. If, for example, you hire a septic inspector that is very knowledgeable and experienced but is not certified as a Title 5 inspector, you will need to hire and complete an additional inspection that meets the required certification, so make sure you verify this when you schedule the inspection.

It is also necessary for you to hire a septic professional to pump out the septic tank before the Title 5 inspection. This will clear out the tank so the inspector will be able to have a clear view of the interior of the tank to look for any cracking or other damage. They can also check the distribution box and the drain field lines. They will check to make sure the hydraulic pressure is working in the system and that any electrical components are in good working order.

Reach out to a professional for a Title 5 inspection.

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